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Once you visit or move to the Cincinnati region, you understand what all the hype is about. But instead of telling you ourselves, we thought you might appreciate what national media outlets have to say about visiting, living, working and exploring Cincy.

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my perfect weekend at the cincinnati music festival

For years I have had the desire to visit Cincinnati, Ohio. Known as The Queen City, Cincinnati’s strategic location in the Midwest serves as a gateway to the region. The city has a vibrant cultural scene filled with a ton of history, restaurants, bars, and breweries. As the home of the 2021 AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals, a wide variety of sports teams keep the city’s energy up year-round. I recently visited Cincinnati during one of the biggest weekends of the year!

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The 10 Best U.S. Cities to Visit for Beer Lovers

"With over 80 different craft breweries and the largest Oktoberfest outside of Munich, Cincinnati needs to be on your beer bucket list! It has a rich German heritage, so it's no surprise that beer flows through the city," Emily Hines, a professional travel and beer writer, tells Best Life.

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The Daily Beast: This Midwest City is Getting Something Right—So Don’t Miss It

In most places that you like, you can pinpoint exactly what they’ve done to make it pleasant—the riverfront has been redone, a group of chefs have made a major impact, a strong mayor forced through needed changes. In conversations with locals the impression I got in Cincinnati was a little bit of everything–artists and art lovers, determined entrepreneurs, advocacy groups, and conscientious local corporations. Whatever the mix, I’m excited to keep coming back, as there’s something going right here.

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21C Museum Hotel: Something Different in Cincinnati

Whether you’re visiting Cincinnati for a vacation or for work, finding the right hotel is essential to having a great experience. One that’s comfortable and makes you feel at ease while also offering distinctive experiences and opportunities to gather with friends or linger over coffee or a drink. You’ll find it all at 21C. This historic hotel offers more than just accommodations. It’s an innovative and welcoming landmark hotel with on-site dining, a spa, and contemporary art museum.

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Cincinnati Outdoor Activities

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Finding the right hotel can make or break your trip to a new city. Fortunately, in Cincinnati, there’s 21C, a creative and exciting approach to not only revitalizing a historic building but giving guests more than your typical hotel. Its convenient downtown location puts you close to plenty of things to do, from shopping to restaurants, sports, theater, and cultural landmarks. And what really makes it stand out is that the hotel includes a contemporary art museum open to guests and the public.

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Cincinnati Celebrates Black Music And Culture At Walk Of Fame Induction Ceremony

“Black Music is the soundtrack to our culture and our lives. Its impact is unmatchable.” That statement by celebrity pop culture personality Jawn Murray set the tone for the special, star-studded Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame Induction and Dedication Ceremony on July 23rd.

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R&B Group After 7 Dishes About New Music at Cincinnati Music Festival

Lenny sat down with R&B group After 7 backstage at the Cincinnati Music Festival, while the group explained that their passion for what they do has allowed them to weather the storms of the music industry. But, beyond this, the group touched on their experiences in Cincinnati over the years. Cincinnati is “that Midwest name” one member replied. He elaborated, discussing how Cincinnati has long existed as a “melting pot” of musical talent, saying, “A lot of rich music is coming out of this area, and we’re just fortunate to be neighbors and be a part of it.”

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BLINK is Set to Takeover Cincinnati

The emerging and rapidly growing world of artistic possibilities is thrilling, but the true magic lies in the crossover between digital and physical. That very space is where BLINK, Illuminated by ArtsWave lives, bringing people from all over the world to Cincinnati and allowing them to experience truly immersive art amidst the cityscape. The nation’s largest light, art, and projection mapping experience, returns to Cincinnati for the first time since 2019 at the perfect time, bringing with it transcendent works across mediums.

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Best Outdoorsy Cities For Millennials

Cincinnati is a Midwestern city that sits along the Ohio River. It's noted as one of the "most fun cities in the U.S." and one of the "best cities for millennials."  As one of the most affordable places to live, it offers various suburban and urban areas, with a downtown scene full of culture and more than 116,000 acres of protected greenspace throughout the city.

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When it’s time to plan your summer travel, don’t overlook Cincinnati. Yes, this Ohio city has so much to offer, it’s well worth the trip for solo travelers and families, too. From shopping to music and cultural landmarks that recognize key events in Black history, you’ll discover a lot to love here.

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