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Welcome to Cincinnati Experience!

We exist to show the world that the Cincinnati region, including Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana, is an amazing place to visit, live, work, and start and grow your dream business. 

And we do mean the world. Cincy has so much to offer to prospective visitors, talent, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, that we can’t help to tell our story to publications like Forbes, Essence, The New York Times, and so many more. You’ve probably seen a few, like this one, or this one

We also work with influencers to show first-hand all of the unique experiences you can have while you’re here. To help you experience our region like a local, we’ve created our own content to show you our neighborhoods, introduce you to our small  business owners, and show off our favorite place to go for dinner, drinks, and anything else you can think of.

To make all of this story-telling happen, we work with partner organizations throughout the Cincinnati region. This way, we’re always in the know about the latest events, initiatives, and achievements. You can meet all of our partner organizations here.

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If you are a member of the media, have questions or comments, start the conversation down below! Visit our media library for photos and videos to accompany your Cincinnati story.


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