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Once you visit or move to the Cincinnati region, you understand what all the hype is about. But instead of telling you ourselves, we thought you might appreciate what national media outlets have to say about visiting, living, working and exploring Cincy.

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Woman Opens Distillery Instead Of Expanding Pet Food Business

Michele Hobbs was looking for a place where she could more easily unload semi-trucks for her pet food business in Cincinnati, but instead, she ended up founding a distillery.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Best Woman-Made Whiskies And Whiskeys

Michele Hobbs founded one of the first distilleries open in Cincinnati since Prohibition. The bourbon - and the distillery - is named for one of her children, and she started laying down the barrels four years ago. The bottle itself can sit on a shelf, next to other Knox Joseph offerings, like a book.

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Beyond Cincinnati Chili

Chicago Magazine contributor John Kessler heads to the Queen City to visit his college roommate, and discovers pioneering chefs are helping remake neighborhoods.

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15 great U.S. cities and towns to launch your business

Here are 15 of our favorite unexpected cities that might make a great stop — or destination — on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Best Places to Raise a Family in Ohio

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Cincinnati is super cool, full of fun surprises, and has a few lessons for Ottawa

I didn’t know what to expect when I was invited to visit Cincinnati, but I’ve returned home with plenty of good things to say about it, and have to add that Ottawa could take a few lessons from the town that locals call Cincy.

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This Tech Co-Founder Explains Why She Moved to Cincinnati

Remote work and distributed workplaces were technically possible for years before the Covid pandemic, but the pandemic supercharged the shift. We at Grit Daily took the opportunity recently to ask people where they moved from, and to where, and what prompted their decision. What emerged is a list of familiar emerging tech cities and a few out-of-the-way places. Cincinnati is definitely in the former category, as it is well-established as a rapidly growing tech city.

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Cincinnati Ranks No. 1 for Compensation Paid to Arts & Cultural Workers in the Midwest

Known as “the city that sings,” Cincinnati is home to the longest-running choral festival in the western hemisphere, the May festival; as well as a top-10 U.S. orchestra, the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra; and the second-oldest opera company in the country, Cincinnati Opera. Along with its musical accomplishments, Cincinnati has a variety of established arts institutions with trailblazing history. In many ways, this community has taken a highly collaborative approach to achieve its success.

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Cincinnati, on the Ohio River's northern bank, is ideally placed as a gateway to exploring northern Kentucky. And after discovering the joy of sipping bourbon and mixing cocktails with America's native spirit during the lockdown, I'm looking forward to visiting a handful of Kentucky's distilleries.

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15 Unexpected Cities Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Cincinnati’s blooming business and creative hub is strengthened by the city’s diverse population and its innovative DEI approaches to grow and expand economic opportunities for all.

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Cincinnati’s Most Underground Bar, Ghost Baby

Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is distinct for its hidden infrastructure of 150-year-old lager tunnels German immigrants built to keep beer cold. Prohibition shut down the breweries lining the streets above, and modern refrigeration robbed the tunnels of their purpose...

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