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Once you visit or move to the Cincinnati region, you understand what all the hype is about. But instead of telling you ourselves, we thought you might appreciate what national media outlets have to say about visiting, living, working and exploring Cincy.

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How Eileen Budo of Last Mile Food Rescue Is Helping to Promote Sustainability and Climate Justice

We have an app. That’s the magic behind what we’re doing. We’ve put technology behind the problem, and a volunteer can see what’s out there in our community, what rescues they can pick up. They get step-by-step directions from the point of inception of the food. So the donor provides directions on how to get to them, what they’re giving away, and where the volunteer needs to take it. It’s a very user-friendly way for people to enter this space and do a food rescue. Every community can put some kind of technology in place to solve this problem, and that’s what we’re doing here in Cincinnati.

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Why underrated Cincinnati is the place to pursue your American dream

I feel like I'm stepping into an indoor mini Las Vegas of the 1950s, flashing neons in vibrant reds, blues and greens lighting up an avenue of Americana. Anyone remember the McDonald's sign when it only had one arch, not two, and Speedee was its mascot before Ronald came along? Or the famous Howard Johnson's motel chain sign with the surrounding neon arrow lighting up to point you in the right direction? You can find the American Sign Museum...

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Northern Kentucky Bourbon Tour – Ultimate Guide to The B-Line

The B-Line is self-guided Bourbon tour that showcases the best of Northern Kentucky’s craft distilleries, bars and restaurants. I’ve visited Northern Kentucky twice now and got to explore most of The B-Line, and let me tell you…

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Northern Kentucky’s “The B-Line” Adds 5 New Bourbon Destinations

Northern Kentucky Tourism (MeetNKY) is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of its Bourbon travel destination creation "The B-Line" in proper style and fashion. Think of The B-Line as a collection of Bourbon distilleries and Bourbon bar/restaurant destinations that you certainly want to both add and check off your experiential list.

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Is Cincinnati Safe?

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Meet Commissioner Alicia Reece, a passionate Cincinnati native and politician who made it her mission to develop the city’s first-ever Black Music Walk of Fame. The Cincinnati Music Festival kicks off on July 20 and this year’s festival will be like no other as it includes the grand opening of the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame!

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Tourism chiefs from the Cincy Region unveiled plans to boost trade partnerships and UK visitor numbers after flying into the UK on the inaugural British Airways flight from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) to Heathrow.

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That Couple Who Travels: Exploring the Charms of Cincinnati: A Memorable Weekend Escape

Are you looking for a fun weekend getaway?! Then you definitely have to put Cincinnati on your list. It was ranked one of the top twenty fun cities in America by Foders. It has also topped the charts as one of the Best Foodie Cities in America, Best Cities for Beer Drinkers, Best Cities for Artists, and Best Sports Cities.

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James Brown To Be Inducted Into Cincinnati Black Music Walk Of Fame

The Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame has announced its third class of inductees. Wednesday (May 31) Alicia Reece, Hamilton County Commission President and founder of the Walk of Fame, revealed the 2023 honorees as The Deele, L.A. Reid and Babyface, Louise Shropshire, Philippé Wynne, and James Brown. “We are making history this year with the grand opening of the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame,” expressed Reece in a statement.

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The unsung American city at the end of BA’s newest flight route

Cincinnati has evaded many tourists, but a new service means that its booming drinks scene and history-soaked riverside are closer than ever.

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This Exciting US City That Straddles Two States Has a New Direct Flight

When it comes to Ohio, most Americans lazily lump together “the three Cs”: the cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. But the trio have far less in common than their geographic and alphabetic proximity suggests. Cincinnati, emerging on the bloodied coat-tails of the American War of Independence to become in 1788 what many consider the first truly “American” city, has the richest history of the three.

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