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Once you visit or move to the Cincinnati region, you understand what all the hype is about. But instead of telling you ourselves, we thought you might appreciate what national media outlets have to say about visiting, living, working and exploring Cincy.

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These Exhibits Are Coming To U.S. Museums In 2021

This Cincinnati museum is putting historic footwear forward in an exhibit involving shoes tied to the subjects of labor activism, suffrage and the sexual revolution.

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Your Guide to the Buzzy Homegrown Restaurants, Bars, and Bakeries of Cincinnati

Oh, Ohio! Cincy just might be the Midwest’s next big thing.

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The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2021

Now, the urban revival is official — but sneak in a 2021 visit and you can still claim to be a trendsetter.

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Cincinnati’s Secret Sauce to Help Minority Businesses Succeed

This Midwestern city is succeeding at turning medium-sized minority businesses into massively successful ones...

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The Most Cincinnati Traditions

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A Power Couple With a $50M Venture Fund for the Overlooked

Candice Matthews Brackeen and Brian Brackeen fell in love at an event for Black tech entrepreneurs and then formed a powerful new venture fund for...

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The Boston Beer Co. Invests $85 Million to Expand Its Cincinnati Operations

The Boston Beer Co.'s Cincinnati taproom and brewery has announced an investment of $85 million to expand the brewery's operations in the city's...

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I Took A Road Trip To Visit Black Businesses Throughout The Midwest

If you’re like me, you’re busting at the seams to travel– even if not to a remote island on a private jet, just to have a change of scenery. Road...

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Cincinnati Music Festival presented by P&G Stages Virtual Experience, July 23-25

Cincinnati Music Festival presented by P&G (CMF) won’t skip a beat in 2020. Through a marathon of new and previous music content, consumer engagement...

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The Best-Run Cities of America’s Midwest Offer Lessons in Recovery

The dozen states of America’s Midwest have a population of 68m, equal to Britain’s. They share an economy worth some $4trn, equivalent to the gdp of...

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The Perfect Weekend Getaway: Cincinnati From Chicago

Winston Churchill called Cincinnati “the most beautiful of the inland cities of the union"... While many dismiss Cincinnati as a sleepy Midwestern town, this southern Ohio hub exudes unique energy that can’t be ignored...

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