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Once you visit or move to the Cincinnati region, you understand what all the hype is about. But instead of telling you ourselves, we thought you might appreciate what national media outlets have to say about visiting, living, working and exploring Cincy.

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A Sublime Road Trip Through the Heart of the Midwest

Today, the hem that cinches the gap between the North and South—from Kentucky all the way to the border waters of Canada—sews together a vibrant patchwork of surprisingly cosmopolitan cities. Make your way from Cincy to Twincy (Cincinnati to the Twin Cities in Minnesota) by car, and you’ll soon understand why the flyover states should be renamed the drive-throughs.

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Weekend Getaway: A Cincinnati Sabbatical Away from Struggles

Both myself and my 13-year-old eighth-grader had been struggling relentlessly to get things back to normal at work and home, but we quickly realized that getting back to normal is exhausting. Cincinnati offered a cosmopolitan option that was travel-friendly and welcoming in a way that a northwestern Ohio city could. So, we decided to take a road trip to Cincinnati and embark on some much-needed self-care.

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18 Road Trip Destinations Within One Day’s Drive for 50% or More of Americans

One of the most affordable places to live in the country, visitors can have a great vacation with top attractions and upscale dining without New York City or San Francisco prices. The Gateway to The Midwest has a vibrant arts and culture scene as one of only 13 cities in the country to have its own ballet, opera, fine art, symphony, theater companies, and museums.

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‘The New Migration’: What’s Behind Black People Leaving Traditional Urban Cities?

Development Counsellors International (DCI) may have an explanation for the population shift after it combed through census data. It identified nine U.S. cities or metro areas that all have initiatives of some kind specifically targeting Black people to make a move.

“Cincinnati for example, they have the minority business development program which has served as a national model for development of minority owned businesses,” DCI's Palmer said.

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Best Places to Raise a Family in Ohio

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8 Cities Black Americans Should Consider For Career Growth In 2022

Cincinnati offers a strategic location in the Midwest and along the Ohio River, serving as a gateway to the region. With six Fortune 500 companies, including P&G and Kroger, and over $1.5 billion in redevelopment and new construction downtown, Cincinnati is proving to be a well-connected city with strengths in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, startups, food and beverage, and arts and culture.

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7 Cities to Celebrate Black History All Year

Cincinnati continues to serve as a place where African-Americans can thrive and it offers nationally recognized programs to help grow and expand economic opportunities for minority business owners through programs such as MORTAR Startup Accelerator and Cincinnati Music Accelerator.

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Meet Means Cameron—The Clothing Entrepreneur That Outfitted the Cincinnati Bengals For The 2022 Super Bowl

As the latest show of hometown love, Cameron has partnered with the Cincinnati Bengals on his "Stripes Don't Come Easy" apparel line in, which kicked off at a pop-up store in LA for the 2022 Super Bowl for fans to support the team.

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More than a month: These 7 destinations elevate Black culture year-round

Cincinnati offered some respite for enslaved African Americans. After all, it was a stop on the Underground Railroad, so many slaves who sought freedom in the North found themselves passing through.

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The Changing Geography of U.S. Talent

Coastal metro areas continue to dominate the market for knowledge and creative workers. But other cities in the middle of the country are starting to gain ground. Many more affordable places have made considerable strides in attracting talent in the nation’s heartland. These include larger metro areas like Austin, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Kansas City, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Omaha, Columbus and Cincinnati.

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On the banks of the Ohio River, find the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center or learn more about Cincinnati’s expanded economic opportunities for minority business owners through programs like MORTAR Startup Accelerator. In late July, the city will unveil its Black Music Walk of Fame. Six Acres Bed & Breakfast is a former Underground Railroad safe house, and is the perfect place to stay when attending the Cincinnati Music Festival in July.

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