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Our City's Stories

We can’t stop amplifying the amazing things going on in our city. Turns out, neither can national news services! We have collected all of the latest articles in an easily shared space so you can read up on the excitement.

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Goodbye to the Days of the ‘Rust Belt’

This past week Intel announced that it will build its new, $20 billion state-of-the-art chip plant near Columbus, Ohio. The company says that the location could eventually expand into a $100 billion complex with as many as eight fabrication facilities. As Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger put it, “We helped to establish the Silicon Valley, now we’re going to do the Silicon Heartland.”

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25 U.S. Destinations to Plan a Vacation to in 2022

One of the nation's most robust art scenes has flown under the radar. Yet, Cincinnati, Ohio, has some of the oldest, wealthiest, and most noteworthy cultural institutions in the entire country. For a family vacation, check out the new Art Climb at one of the nation's oldest art institutions. Stop by the Cincinnati Zoo, a top zoo, and also The Greenest Zoo in America. This first-ever kangaroo walkabout features the Kanga Klimb, an ADA-accessible ropes course, and the largest outdoor little blue penguin habitat.

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Cincinnati Agency Buys Nearly 200 Rental Homes, Thwarting Private Investors

A Cincinnati government entity outbid more than a dozen investment firms to buy 194 homes in and around the city, a move meant to keep tenants in their homes and private investors out of their neighborhoods.

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